Well,I wanted to put my bookmarks on my homepage for two reasons - so visitors could add any they may find interesting (I read somewhere on the 'Net that you're a newbie if your bookmark-file is less than 150K - or was it less than 150 links ?), and so I could access my bookmarks from another PC - as I can't remember all 975 of them (at last count...)
Basically, I just wanted to put my bookmarks on my homepage, but that did cause some problems.
The "raw" bookmark.htm is a pretty bare file,color and graphics-wise,and I wanted to spruce it up a bit,to make it a nice "linkpage" rather than just a dull "bookmark"-file.
However,my bookmarks are updated very often,so it would have to be easy to update the linkpage as well, and therefore handcoding the "bookmark.htm" into a linkpage prettier than its raw state would be far too much work.
Furthermore,it is possible to put remarks about passwords and other stuff in your bookmark-file,and just copying the file to the WWW would reveal these.
Finally,I wanted my linkpage to both show the "Folder" of the link,the description of the link, the URL of the link and of course a hyperlink to it. Quite a lot of programs enable you to extract the URLs from a HTML page,or convert your bookmarks into a linkpage, but I couldn't find any, which did as I wanted it to, or at least did output a nice look. So I had to drag out my old rusty C-compiler and see if I could code something myself.
I only know a bit C-programming,and only DOS, but it seems to be working.

These are the results:
Bookmark.htm - "raw" state BM2WEB's interpretation of it.

It's a 16-bit DOS program, but works fine under Windows 2000.