Possible Excuses:
  • I was very tired.
  • I couldn't find my hairbrush.
  • I couldn't find my shaver.
  • The original images were bad.
  • Have you cleaned your monitor lately ?.
  • The scanner sucks.
  • They got distorted during resizing.
  • Dust on the lenses.
Sorta normal
Phear me! Phear me!!!

Description of subject:
I'm a 31 year old male.
I've just finished the "Advanced Computer Science Technology Programme" at Sønderborg Handelsskole. Unfortunately there is no English term for what I now am - unofficially we could be called "datamaticians", from Danish "datamatiker". My primary interests are computers and electronics, and I'm dreaming of some day learning enough about these subjects to be able to interface them properly. I spend most of my spare time messing with my computers (keeping them in shape, some C/C++/C# programming, gaming, surfing..), testing hardware and writing articles for the Danish sites http://www.overclocking.dk and http://www.hardware-test.dk, and tinkering with electronics.
My domain name may look strange, but it has a deeper meaning - like a drunkard stumbling towards lamp posts in the dark, it may also possibly describe the ever-changing paths in my life.
It was inspired by R.A.Heinlein's "The Number of the Beast".

Parents and 4 siblings : Anne Louise (BOOMgirl), Rune (FrEaKeR), Helene (Tamara), Esben (Crisis).

Contact options:
Via Email:
take "dthought", add a "@" and finally "drunkardswalk.dk"

Other stuff:
Scary lighting in my room.