Just a sort of portfolio of a few of my personal computer-related projects and programs. I've also written many tests and articles for www.hardware-test.dk and www.overclocking.dk, so have a look those sites for more of my output.

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My own personal screensaver.
I usually use various pictures of nebulae and other pretty galactic constellations for my desktop background (Pamela gets ugly after a while), and this screensaver cycles through some of them, with a user-modifiable text bouncing around.
Programmed in Borland C++ Builder using a toolkit.
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A little program I wrote using Borland C++ 3.1 to convert my bookmarks into something more pretty.
Read more.
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My personalized bootdisk for booting (DUH!) computers I'm trying to troubleshoot or install. It contains the primary files I feel I need to mess around on a PC. Primarily here in case I need it when I'm visiting someone else and I don't have my bootdisk with me, not very useful for anyone but myself.
I can recommend http://www.bootdisk.com for more generally useful bootdisks.
BIOS Logo Guide A guide I wrote to explain how to replace the EPA logo in Award BIOS.
It has recently been updated a bit, with newer and better *free* programs and some links. I think most of my hits comes from that guide :P
BIOS Info (in Danish) A little article about why you should optimize your BIOS - in extreme cases you can get a performance boost equivalent to a 300 MHz faster CPU..
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A simple little Ohm's Law calculator - input two of the known values (power, voltage, current, resistance) and get the last two calculated.Might be handy for quick calculations - has been for me, anyway.
Fanbus CK A guide/design idea I wrote for http://www.overclocking.dk, describing how to make a software controlled fanbus, using the parallel port.Can be integrated with Motherboard Monitor's temperature sensors to automatically turn on fans when needed.
Project CK II, version 2.1 A much improved version of Fanbus CK. 8 PWM-controlled outputs, software controlled via the parallel port, fans are controlled manually or automatically using the onboard sensors via Motherboard Monitors readings.
Project Snowstorm A "proof-of-concept" for a new kind of case mods - or maybe I'm just fooling around with a high-powered fan.
iProMail/DTMailer Some of my family members had difficulties using regular, bloated, multi-hyper-lots of features email applications, so I wrote a pretty simple one myself using the open source "Internet Professional" components and Borland C++ Builder 6. Its main purpose is ease-of-use, not being interoperable with other programs, but it works quite well. It supports sending/receiving attachments, reading HTML emails, and includes an automatic email notifier. Note: It's in Danish.
Remote Temperature While experimenting with some network programming I wrote a simple UDP-based application which when running on a PC with Motherboard Monitor installed can report temperatures for sensor 1-3 to a central system.Sort of like simplified, proprietary Syslog.
T-Balancer Controller A controller program for serial communication with mCubed's splendid "T-Balancer" fanbus.
iMonInterface Interface for displaying data from mCubed's T-Balancer software on SoundGraph's iMon VFD.
Dora 2 A car PC front end coded in C#.