Interface for displaying data from mCubed's T-Balancer software on SoundGraph's iMon VFD.

The Austrian company mCubed has found a nice little display they'd like to their product range, SoundGraph's iMon VFD.
mCubed wanted it to display data from their T-Balancer fan controller, which the VFD cannot do directly - but it can be set to plug-in mode, and SoundGraph has freely provided a DLL and some C++ sample code so you can write your own interface.
As I am more experienced in C++ I helped mCubed write this interface.

Some screenshots

Notes about the code:

My program is written using Borland C++ Builder, and gets data from the T-Balancer software via DDE.
Apparantly Borlands TDdeClientConv component leaks memory (the bane of C++...) when you do a RequestData, but after some searching I found
So I had to put the RequestData code in a try/__finally block and run StrDispose on the PChar.
Another problem was that the .DLL was written using Microsoft Visual C++, and since the C++ standard seems to be bit a vague regarding .DLL's these two companies have implemented linking a bit differently.
But once again a kind soul has provided information about how to overcome that problem:

I hope this program will be useful.

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