My computers:

My parent's first computer was a ZX Spectrum back in the eighties. In the nineties they bought a 386SX/25, and a few years later I bought a 486DX40 for my studies.
My first really fast computer was a Cyrix P120+, but as it had to be sent for repair eight times during the first year I got tired of pre-built computers and started building my own systems. I was starting to get involved with the Internet and cyberculture back then, so I named the Cyrix computer "Deep Thought". However, I needed a nickname myself, so I soon renamed the computer "Deep Thought I", and myself "Deep Thought" (many clueless people read it as "Deep Throat"...).
All of my systems have been named "Deep Thought" plus a modelnumber - and as I care a lot about my computers I still have most of the them.
Currently I have many different systems ranging from the Cyrix P120+ to my primary box, Asus K8N-E Deluxe/AMD64 3400+.
Only a few are operational, but most should still work.
Will add a list with some comments later.