My Home Hub.

Since I'm sort of into electronics and programming, I've been considering looking into and making some kind of home automation. Time doesn't permit much progress beyond the idea phase, but to start out somewhere related I decided to programmatically solve/optimize/attend to some "use cases" in daily life, centered on the kitchen/living room. So I created an application with a few graphical user interfaces:

Front page - A clock:

A simple shopping list which uploads to my web hotel so it's always available if I have my phone and data connection.
People at home can add new items on the fly, so I don't have to call for an updated list.:

Local weather forecast, based on Wunderground's API.
Pure text at the moment, as I originally intended it to be included in my Car PC, which could read it via TTS.
Will be updated with graphics sometime.

A timer - always handy.

A calendar with basic information and the ability to add simple appointments.

The best way to satisfy the requirements of "touch-based", low operating cost, WAF, and my desire to use C# turned out to be "get a Windows tablet".
After some searching I chose a Linx10 tablet - 10 inches, USB OTG, separate charging input and upgradable to Windows 10.