September, 2015.

Initial steps in home automation: my home hub.

October, 2008.

Added a bit about my Car PC project.

January, 2006.

Resigned from TDC Call Center Europe - as I got a real job as a software/system developer. W00h00!

May, 2005.

Major update of website. Removed the last remaining frames, now only using PHP and CSS.

April, 2005.

Added another piece of software to My stuff: an interface for displaying data from mCubed's T-Balancer on SoundGraph's iMon VFD.

November, 2004.

Cool! I was mentioned on Tom's Hardware Guide - well, my unofficial controller program for mCubed's T-Balancer was.
Maybe I should update the program so it also works with the new firmware protocol? Well, could be interesting to do while looking for a job.